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Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a leader in the development and production of leading edge thermal management solutions. These solutions include air cooled heat sinks, heat pipe heat sinks, Phase Change Material Heat Sinks, and liquid cooled solutions. In addition to designing and manufacturing thermal solutions for many military applications, ACT is also a trusted leader in thermal research and development for the military. Contact The Thermal management Experts at ACT to discuss your application.



BEAM Co. is a fully vertically integrated company that manufactures a wide range of non-mechanical beam control systems for all-electronic beam steering, beam shaping, and multi-focus/divergence tuning. These systems are produced using BEAM Co.’s proprietary materials and diffractive waveplate technology. The diffractive waveplates developed by BEAM Co. are micron thin optical coatings capable of performing the same functions as lenses, prisms, diffusers, spiral phase plates, etc., which allow fabrications of active beam control systems in ultra-light weight, low volume, and low power consumption packages without moving parts. Unlike other diffractive optical components, BEAM Co.’s diffractive waveplates can be produced with near 100% diffraction efficiency, in broadband or multi-band variants covering UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR wavelength bands in either passive or electro-switchable configurations with very high laser damage thresholds.





The Association of Old Crows is an organization for individuals who have common interests in Electronic Warfare (EW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations (EMSO), Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), Information Operations (IO), and other information related capabilities. The Association of Old Crows provides a means of connecting members and organizations nationally and internationally across government, defense, industry, and academia to promote the exchange of ideas and information, and provides a platform to recognize advances and contributions in these fields


RF Globalnet is the Internet’s leading source of cutting-edge technical information for the RF/microwave design community. If you are an RF/microwave design engineer or engineering manager involved in the design and development of wireless subsystems and components, or military and other radio-based communication systems at all levels, you now have access to a comprehensive web community delivering the latest updates on RF technology to give you the competitive advantage in your industry.


Unmanned Systems Technology is a dedicated directory of component, service and platform suppliers within the unmanned systems industry. All categories of unmanned systems are included: Air vehicles (UAV/UAS/RPAS), Ground Vehicles and Robotic Systems (UGVs), Surface and Subsea vehicles (USV, UUV) and Space vehicles. Keep up to date with our regular news listings and events/exhibitions within the industry.